Children’s Education/Utility Defenders

An image representing the Utility Defenders

Utility Defenders are a one-of-a-kind group of superhero kids that protect our neighborhoods, friends and families by teaching us about underground utilities and encouraging everyone to dig safely. The Utility Defenders each represent a different underground facility: Vapora (gas/oil), Bio-Boy (sewer/drains), Zap (electric), Marina (drinking water), Signal (internet/phone), and Mixy (reclaimed water). This group always finds a way to have fun while learning about underground utilities and damage prevention!

Underground utilities serve an important purpose, from bringing water to our homes to lighting up our classrooms to connecting our computers to the internet. Because utilities are often buried underground — even in our own yards — they can be hit or broken if someone digs without knowing where they are. With the help of a local notification center and professional locators, we can get a better idea of where the underground utilities are and dig more safely underground. That’s why the Utility Defenders say, “Wait! Locate! Before you dig.”

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