About Us

Miss Utility, for “Miss the Utilities” is the name commonly used to refer to Utilities Service Protection Center of Delmarva, Inc (USPCD). Delaware code (Title 26, Chapter 8) establishes USPCD as the approved notification center for Delaware. USPCD is also certified by the Maryland Public Service Commission to be the “One-call system” for the portion of Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula, commonly referred as the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Anyone engaged in excavation activities is required to notify underground facility owners prior to the start of any excavation; Miss Utility of Delmarva streamlines this process by providing a “one-call” service allowing excavators to notify area utility companies quickly and efficiently and by providing a positive response back to the excavator.

Miss Utility of Delmarva is funded by its member facility owners and is a free service to both the professional excavator and homeowner.

Miss Utility of Delmarva hosts monthly meetings to open communication among excavators and facility owners fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the protection of underground facilities and public safety.

Public education is essential and Miss Utility of Delmarva is constantly providing education materials and conducting awareness through company safety meetings and a presence at a variety of training conferences, fairs, home shows, company functions and public awareness campaigns.